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Gem FM
"Con Fusion"

The sound of Gem FM can be described as electronic rock, but it comes through in different ways at different times.   Sometimes it's more emphasis on the electronic and sometimes it's more emphasis on the rock.   The first song, "Epiphanous Dream", has these horns which really drive the sound home mixed with this twisty synth.  It reminds me of something Fatboy Slim or Moby might've created and also is instrumental.

"Hit The Door", the second song, has vocals which sing the title and it goes into this video game world which feels like Oingo Boingo and Devo.   It's frantic, yet also somehow reminds me of ska.   "Glide On By" has these feelings of Phil Collins combined with Bon Jovi and it has singing in a traditional sense.  "Diggy Diggy Boop Boop" is instrumental and has a nice groove, somewhat like "Doctor Who".

Through the fifth song there is a sort of speaking in place of vocals while "RUda1" goes back to those electronic vocals.  "Bake The Cake" is just an overall wild song and I think a great example of how this album is.   If you listen to "Bake The Cake" and enjoy it, then dive deeper into this album for sure.   "Marion Morning" has a short rambling guitar bit while the electronic vocals close out this album, in Frampton-esque style.

Overall I enjoy this album because it's not really traditional rock and it's not pure electronica, but rather somewhere in between.   People might want it one way over the other or even just the fact that the songs do tend to be weird might push some people away but I've always been a fan of that which is considered weird.  


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