Music Review //

Blueburst has created a song in which I agree with these lyrics and what is being stated is being done so in a way that is better than if I tried to say it.   Not to jump ahead, but the idea here is to live your life to its fullest until a supernova comes and does away with all of us.   This doesn't mean to live in fear, but rather to be free.

The chorus has the lines that "No one gets out alive / No one gets any more time" and it's a good mantra to have simply because it could help motivate you to do something you otherwise might not.   It might hurt now or you might have anxiety about it, but that chance you've been wanting to take is one you should take.  If it goes horribly wrong, no one will remember in a hundred years anyway.

There is also a line in here about how none of this matters without death and that's true.  Could you imagine everyone just running around, doing whatever they want without consequences?   In some morbid way, death is kind of like how you win at the game of life because it certainly brings the game to its end.

With equal parts Blue October and Barenaked Ladies, Blueburst has created a song that is rock and easy to listen to at the same time, so hopefully listeners will take these words to heart.  People tend to be afraid of death or just don't want to talk about it, but Blueburst has some points here that need to be really thought about.  


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