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"Low-Hanging Fruit"

I always found the idea of low-hanging fruit to be subjective because what a giraffe, for example, can reach is not what other animals can reach.  I've always kind of felt like we should get what we can reach, but somehow the idea of low-hanging fruit came to mean that you're taking an easy shot.   In some ways though, we should because why should we have to struggle and climb to do something as simple as exist?

In this song, I feel that a lot as Starpainter sings: "I can't reach anything of any use".    It would be easy to take that warehouse job at UPS or even to make music that you feel might have more universal appeal, but really, doing what you feel like is right and what you feel like might best suit you- even if it's not the easiest approach- is something to be rewarded.

As a writer, one way to grab that low-hanging fruit is just to write something that goes against the grain of something popular.  Everyone else says an album is good, you write a review as to why it's not and bring in the hate-clicks which equals money.  It's fairly easy to do, but most people don't do it because it's better to help build things up than to tear them down.

Somewhere between Ben Folds and the Wallflowers, Starpainter creates a sound with a big guitar solo as well.  The lines: "it isn't you / it isn't me / but somebody somewhere is making lots of money" best shows what this song is about and just how sometimes taking the easiest way is not always the right way.  


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