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Jason Kent
"Fake Those Blues"

While there are many reasons to feel the blues in your life, I find it odd that someone out there would want to "Fake Those Blues".   But wouldn't the lack of having anything to be sad about also make you have the blues?  Couldn't you have the "I have no reason to have the blues" blues?  Am I stretching this idea too far?

Through vocals like The Beatles or Elliott Smith mixed with music like Ben Kweller and the blues, Jason Kent sings: "never owned a thing I couldn't lose" and that right there makes me wonder if the title is in jest.  I feel like, to some extent, everyone has a reason or has had a reason at some point in their life to have the blues and this song just proves it.

If you've never owned a thing you couldn't lose, as this song says, then it presents you with the blues right there.  On one hand, you're never going to have the blues about losing something, but at the same time the fact that you don't have anything that important in your life feels like reason enough to sing the blues.

But through it all I just feel like this song is about perspective.  Maybe you've got the blues because you have nothing to lose.  Maybe you have the blues because your house burned down and you lost everything.  It's all relative and we all sort of have our own reasons to sing the blues so just be mindful of that when you're dealing with other people in every day life.  


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