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privacy issues
"privacy issues"

Privacy Issues is a duo that consists of drums and guitar with both singing at times.   Their sound is somewhere between punk and rock, with noisy rock being a good way to describe it at times, though at other times it can feel like pop.   Songs like "Privacy Issues" can make you feel like you're being hypnotized because they have this repetitive loop that gets stuck in my head.  But that catchy part is also what makes this feel like pop music on some level as well.

"Managed World" is a faster song, so there are those punk elements right there, but these songs are generally two and a half minutes or less, which makes them feel like punk also.  The other thing about these songs is that they tend to have a line or two in them which is like the hook, and that can be what gets stuck in your head for when you listen to the songs again later and sing along.  "Quiet Room" does this with "I am always on my own / but never get to be alone".

The sound itself is quite unique because of the way these two musicians interact with one another.  Sometimes it feels like the guitar is just playing these notes back and forth, and other times it feels like other instruments are coming through.   So there is definitely something there that can be appreciated musically but with the lyrics all containing these mantras to get stuck inside your head so you really think about them, this is certainly groundbreaking music.