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NEMORE, who is a member of the ship of Albatross, brings forth a song which has a gentle acoustic strum with words which are sometimes in the form of singing and for a few moments spoken, which reminds me of Lou Reed.   There is certainly a distinct and serious sound to this song, as it feels like something which would be played in a room and command attention from all those present.

Throughout this song, NEMORE sings "I wanna be free" and "I wanna be me" and I think that's something we all struggle with in society.  For various reasons, we never feel like we can be who we truly are and we can never feel like we're free because we need to work to get money but we don't want to be what makes us money.   Every level of artist should really be paid a living wage because I feel like it would be terrible if someone opted not to make music and went to work in a factory but then we lost an album that could've changed our lives.

This song gets quieter at times, to where it feels like it could almost be getting into a folk sound, but it picks up again and becomes louder.  I feel like it's too intense to be folk, and the music feels almost borderline punk because it has this revolutionary way about it.   It's not as soft as Jack Johnson, but not as hard as Bob Dylan so I just feel like it's creating its own space between the two, welcoming you into the world.

With the line "Welcome to real life son", NEMORE sums up how this song seems to be about life and just going through the day to day of being alive.   We get taught so many things when we're growing up, but we don't really ever get taught how to live.  Hopefully, through these melodies, NEMORE will help us all live a little bit more.  


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