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Believe It, It's Easy
"Believe It, It's Easy"

When I first saw this cassette I didn't know what to make of it.  I thought that "Believe It, It's Easy" was the name of the cassette but didn't realize it was also the artist name.  I thought it had this hidden message, to the point where I thought this was going to be a self-help cassette, motivating in the sense that it would have you believing that if you can think it then you can do it.  But as I pressed play and searched Google, I found that to be not entirely true.

Right away this cassette comes out rocking and I think of it as power pop rock.  What that means and how I can relate that with other artists, I'm not sure exactly.  I feel like parts of this are Weezer, but then it also feels like when The Rentals were first known for kind of spawning off of Weezer and it feels like that to some extent as well.  It feels like Weezer, but it also feels like a Weezer side project with more pop.

Throughout this cassette but starting with the second song you'll hear these breakdowns where the guitars lead the way but it also feels like someone is scratching a record as well, which is one sound in music I always attribute to Limp Bizkit though other artists have done it as well.   After it does this on "The Mentality", the sound goes right back to those xylophone bells and that makes me wonder about the chaos and distortion within the pop beauty of these songs.

There is a little bit of blink 182 in here, but as the second side opens up with "Don't You Know" there is a lot of static within this melody.   Somewhere between "That Thing You Do!" and The Mr T Experience, this is a sound that can feel very much like a straight forward pop punk band but other sounds do come in during the songs to make it something else.   Just overall this really forms its own sound among the sound that you're likely used to hearing in a similar sense.  


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