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One of the first genres of music I explored in my youth was hip hop and as such I've always been a big fan even if I'm not as into the newer sounds.  A lot of the modern rappers you hear on the radio I just can't seem to care about except for Nicki Minaj.  But, funny enough, as I'm going to type this I got an email about Ashnikko and remember as well that she is quite modern.  And in the same sense as Ekelle, the songs can be quite sexual.

Now, music and art are often open to interpretation (or at least I think they should be) so when this song starts with a line like "big ass buns poppin' out the toaster" I'm not thinking of food.   But then as we get closer to the chorus and Ekelle sings about "my pretty titties" I get the general sense of the song and all of the double meaning becomes much more clear.  And I do appreciate that this is more up front about it and not left making you wonder.

The sound itself is sort of slower, but it has the beats.  I think there is something to be said for one word being the title of this song because for people just to remember the part that says "Flo" that makes it more infectious.  If the title was three words, you'd ask "What was that song that goes dun dun dun" if you don't remember the words.   People need it kept simple.  But then when you hear the lyrics and really dive into it, and that will help the song to really stay with you.

Hearing this song also makes me really think about Salt N Pepa and how far they pushed boundaries at a time when it was more difficult to do so.   It's not just about the words and the music, but there has to be that something else there to make it truly special and to make it truly matter and since I'm reminded of rappers both past and present, I'd say that Ekelle is the future.  


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