Music Review //
"For Love"

As soon as this song begins I know it's going to get heavy.  Back in the early 2000's, there was this point where it felt like less of the heavy music was coming out because most artists seemed to have the singing with backing vocals that were screaming and that took over as the "heavy music" for a while.  But as the true metal/hardcore bands have persisted, they have also taken the forefront back and Pyrotechnica is no exception to that.

This song doesn't really have screaming as much as it does big singing, which actually makes it sound closer to Paramore or Coheed and Cambria than it does to screamo, even though the music has a screamo mentality.   It's complex and heavy with melodies laced in, which reminds me of both Eyes Set To Kill and Thrice, though depending upon when you discovered and fell in love with heavy music your influences might differ.

The music video is largely the band playing and that gives you the idea of what it might be like to see them in concert as well.  I like it because they just have that same energy which the song itself has, so the two coming together just feels right.   It doesn't have the crowd in a live sense, but at the same time I feel like that could be distracting from all else going on during this video.

Pyrotechnica has found new ground here, between hardcore, metal and emo as the chorus sings: "I wear my heart on my sleeve for love", which makes me definitely think this could be screamo if there was more screaming.   The way that it takes the sound of melodic rock, perhaps some prog and even post metal and just cranks it up a notch is what will have you singing along with this one in no time.  


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