Music Review //
DG Adams

Throughout the song "Screens", DG Adams sings that "a screen is not a sky".  I don't want to show my age, but back in my day we didn't have cell phones and when we finally did they certainly didn't take photos let alone videos.  It's strange to see so many people in modern society living life through a screen rather than organically.

There are certainly benefits to screens though.  I'm typing this on a laptop and the music video which accompanies this song is also something you would watch on a screen.   So I don't feel like the idea is to do away with screens completely, but rather just to limit your time with them and use them really only when needed.

The line "power off and go outside" is probably going to offend some people who make their living on social media but sometimes I feel like there are people out there who have seen life unfiltered before and they really need to.  As much time as I spend in front of the computer, I'd like to spend that same amount of time at the beach or just in nature somehow.

During this music video there are still images presented like a slideshow and it feels very much like something you would watch at night with your family after a long day of school and playing outside.  My social skills are lacking so I never really think about how being in front of screens is going to affect future generations socially but I hope that someone out there is.