Music Review //
Earthly Frames
"Taped Over"

The sound of Earthly Frames can take on different forms during the different songs on "Taped Over", but for the most part this album just fits somewhere between the melody and space of The Beatles and Pink Floyd.   This makes it feel rather trippy at times as well, like we're floating through the sky with diamonds.

It's upbeat, acoustic at times and this makes it feel like twee.   There is a harmonica in various songs and "A Few Steps" has a slower, dreamy Buddy Holly type of rock n roll way about it.  "You Got a New Dog" has banjos which make it feel more like folk than rock, but this somehow just always finds its way back to that Beatles melody.

"Pixels" takes on a longer, instrumenal stretch and that makes it feel more experimental, such as a Pink Floyd album, but those general Beatles ideas remain.  And it's not bad because other artists have done it before and The Beatles aren't currently making any music, so to hear something that sounds like them in a modern sense is nice.

Whether you want to compare this with another artist or not, the sound still has this way about it which will get stuck in your head without you knowing it.   There is a pop element to this album, as it just feels like a pleasure to listen to it.   This sound definitely feels like it could appeal to the masses and as such, as many people as possible should be listening.