Music Review //
"Avenue H Blue"


Right away, the first sound that I hear in this song makes me think it has country elements to it.   It's that twang of the guitar and I'm immediately taken there.  But as the song goes on, it drifts into this mellow rock sound, which is closer to classic rock than anything else.  I go within a minute or so from thinking of country to thinking about Three Dog Night.

This song is really chill and by the end of it we are taken into this musical bridge which also largely has the return of that guitar twang and makes me think about this being a country song once again.   There aren't really a lot of artists that can make this sound where it feels like country but at the same time doesn't, as it usually tends to pick a side.

Along with this song comes a music video and it shows a number of different sides of the life of a musician.  It has that way about it where it just feels like it's full of footage both in a live sense and in a behind the scenes sense, when you would see the band travel and all of those things which come with being a musician and on the road.

While I don't exclude music just for being country it still isn't quite my preferred genre, but NUTANA has a sound here that might have those country elements but overall is just too much melody and harmony to deny.  If you're a fan of the rock genre in the sense of bands with guitars then this song is going to right for you.