Cassette Review //
"accomplices lachenmann"

This starts with these long, dreamy guitar chords and then the piano finds its way in to cause some mayhem.   It felt like it could be ambient and chill, but then the piano just brings it to something faster and closer to jazz.   This all comes to an end and the piano returns with notes and chords in a more dramatic, "Donnie Darko" type of way.   The piano is joined by singing and this just all feels like a whirlwind of a ride.

The way that the piano feels as if it's shifted into a loop makes it become hypnotic as well.  There is a bit of chaos in here still, but it's mostly just melodic beauty.   As this goes on, the piano notes become more spaced out and then more frantic.  It begins to feel as if there is some other sound behind the piano, such as a guitar, but I'm not certain if there is or if it's just the illusion created by the many things the piano is doing at once.

A ringing comes through now, a rambling of sorts as well, as the initial sounds of being dreamy and now rolling come through.   The way this all started sort of calmly, then changed tempos throughout the piano parts- which were a lot of the sound- but then seemed to come back full circle and end not with that slow piano piece but with a bang really tells the story here.   It really feels like it tells a story in the way that you would watch a plant through the seasons.  


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