Music Review //
Robert Jon & The Wreck
"Bring Me Back Home Again"

Robert Jon & The Wreck have returned with another single following the release of their live album last week and this song is a scorcher.  While the chorus can slow down and get a bit lighter, it kicks in heavier with the guitars after that and there is also just this pure fire guitar solo in this song as well.

I'm not sure if it's because of the music, the lyrics or both but this song also reminds me a lot of Bon Jovi, specifically in the way that Bon Jovi sang about being on the road in "Wanted Dead Or Alive".    By no means is it the exact same song or anything, but they do seem to share a similar vibe with their message about being away from home.  I feel like other bands have touched upon this topic as well, but that's just the one which is most in my mind.

Additionally, I'm not even sure if I want to put this under those classic and southern rock genres I usually think of Robert Jon & The Wreck as being in because this song just flat out rocks.  This is just the purest form of rock music with the guitar really just driving that message home.  Which is funny because the message is about being home, wherever that might be for the musicians.  

The line "All that I need is to feel your love again" really sums it up.  Between touring and being in the studio, it can feel like a musician is spending more time away from home than at home.  This takes them away from family, friends, etc and it's not an easy life.   Other professions can require travel as well and I think one thing we can all agree on is having felt homesick at some point in our life.