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"Turn Off the Sky" (Feat Michael Mayo)

Gideon King & City Blog bring about a song that is slow paced but through both the lyrics and sounds, will hopefully help you to take some time for reflection.   There is a lot of soul within this song, from a musical stand point, and I really hope that the way this message is being delivered really helps some people do some soul searching as well.

The chorus offers up the lines: "I'm barely what I am today / ain't that good enough for you" and this song seems to be about change and not wanting to change.   Sometimes change is necessary but we tend not to focus as much on how we are who we are.  Often times, it isn't that we don't want to change but simply that we cannot.

Whether it be in a personal or professional relationship, sometimes people just need to realize that we are the way that we are and they either need to accept that or leave.   I am a big believer that people should accept us for who we are and in relationships specifically it always seems like when you've known someone a little while they say things like "You should be more outgoing" and if I've never been outgoing before why would I now.

One of my favorite lines in this song is: "These handcuffs they don't fit so good / This red light lasts too long" because sometimes it just feels like you're waiting at a red light and no one is going.  But also, the idea of the handcuffs makes me feel like we're chained in a relationship and feeling like you're someone else in a relationship- losing yourself in being with someone else- isn't healthy either and I just cannot seem to stress enough how much this song gives me to think about.  


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