Music Review //
Caroline Brennan
"The Journey"
(Zephyr Sound)

The sound of Caroline Brennan is certainly one that leans heavily into country.  I know there are a lot of country musicians out there- both past and present- that would be able to be influence to this sound, but for some reason whenever I hear country music which sounds like this I always am reminded of Lurleen Lumpkin, "The Simpsons" character who has the sound that I can best compare this with.

While the first and last song have a lot of energy, this takes us on an up and down wave when it comes to the pacing of the songs.  "Swim To Shore", which comes in second, is a slower ballad and "Going Back", which is fourth, also has that slower ballad feel to it.  In the middle of it all though is "Break All The Rules" and that is moderately paced, so it's fitting to be in the middle of this EP.

Lyrically, a lot of these songs are about what the title says.  "No Longer Blue" is about going out and the band and bartender help you to feel better.  But perhaps what's most interesting in these lyrics is that Caroline Brennan is from Cape Cod and as such many of the lyrics (such as on "Swim To Shore") can be water-based.   I've never really thought about country music in a beach way and so that gives this EP a new overall feeling.

Whether you're in it for the country sound or the lyrics to remind you of the beach, the sunshine and just better times, this EP has a certain energy about it that just feels so positive it's difficult not to like it.    Even if you're not a fan of this type of country music, it certainly can grow on you.