Music Review //
King Falcon
"Ready Set Go"

To have a song called "Ready Set Go" is to embrace a certain amount of energy that King Falcon has definitely found within this song.    With those sounds of rock n roll, King Falcon seemingly has no patience as they are ready to go and they are ready to go now.   This is a great song to start a playlist or any part of your day when you feel you need that boost of energy because it's just like when they fire that gun to start a race.

This music video follows the band around as they do things in fast motion.   It's just one of those visuals which is not only a lot going on in one time but it is fast moving.  So often in this world we have places to be at certain times and everything feels so stretched thin as we go go go, and this video is a representation of that in the best possible way.   Sometimes we just need that energy to sprint instead of relaxing.

One part during this music video which always gets me is when the band is trying to cross the street, they must wait for the signal to turn from the hand to the little man.  As someone who walks places and even in a sense of driving when waiting at a red light, I think we've all felt this impatience.   I was at a red light no more than two days ago for what felt like forever and I said out loud "Who is going? Why can't I?"

Sometimes life can get in your way.   Sometimes it can feel like obstacles are slowing you down when you need to go, and you have no control over that.   But as long as you're able, as long as you can move at the speed you'd like to move at, then you really should do so.  And between the sound of this song, the lyrics and the music video I think that is the message here.   Just keep going.  


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