Music Review //
Jesse Adams

Jesse Adams creates a high energy pop song using strings, such as a violin, and emphasis on certain words while singing.  The interesting concept within this song is that "Gravity" very much feels like a classical song.  Even the way everything is presented within this music video, it just feels like a big orchestra ordeal.

Elements of pop find their way into the music though and this song could definitely be on the Top 40 radio.  The song sings both about being pulled like gravity and needing someone else like gravity, so you can understand where this is all going lyrically.  I find it fitting within the context of this song combined with the way it is presented.

If you really think about it in music, nothing better displays those types of going up and down ideas than the strings of a classical instrument as the violin.   Perhaps this is because many early era films would have scores that would reflect upon the actions of them, but there is just always something about classical music creating actions.

Whether you're a fan of classical music or pop, you're going to want to hear this one just because of the way that it moves.  This could really help people who listen to the radio appreciate more of a classical sound, but it could also go both ways and bring fans of classical music into a more mainstream style pop.  Either way, this song is a winner.