Cassette Review //
Baron Von Elsa
"poems, noise, songs, etm."

This cassette begins with the noise side which has a lot of electric guitars.   At one point I feel like I'm hearing crying and at another there is beeping which feels like Morse code.  There is whispering and there is singing, at one point you'll even hear "be my baby", but the vocals don't always come out in a straight forward way but are rather chopped up and backwards or just in some manipulated form.

While this first saw can have the contrast between the pretty guitar parts (acoustic strums and notes) it can also have this distortion that is harsh.  This makes me think of the beauty within the chaos for sure.   But then on the flip side we have more of these acoustic guitar notes with spoken words as poetry.   The second side feels more stripped down, more personal, as sometimes it even can just feel like Baron Von Elsa is telling us a story.

The first side is definitely the louder side as the second has some sense of songs with an acoustic guitar and singing but a lot of it is spoken word with only the vocals.   This cassette also comes with a zine which goes with the poetry from within here and I think that's something you don't really see a lot of but it puts a stronger emphasis on the words themselves, which is important.  

I also purchased this cassette at a show, so outside of attending a live performance I'm not sure how one would go about listening to this cassette.   As of this writing it is also not streaming anywhere though there is a new Baron Von Elsa Bandcamp Page that you should definitely check out.  You might have to do a little bit of work for this cassette (maybe send a message on Instagram) but that extra mile you go for it will definitely be worth it in the end.  


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