Cassette Review //

We open with an audio clip about taking vitamins and drinking milk.   This conversation continues as guitar notes come in and take over the forefront.   These notes wind through, up and down, back and forth, until the voices fade and then so does the guitar.  A more magical sound come through next but it is then met by that distortion which reminds me of lightsabers.  It almost feels as if there are words being spoken in the background, as to me it sounds like zombies saying "brains".

Words come through now, with this darkness cast over the entire sound, and the words are jumbled up like they're being played backwards.   That magical part to this is still there, and remains until the end, but what happens to it during the rest of the song is a bit darker.   A more high pitched sound now, somewhat making it feel like voices comes through in notes.  This takes us into a sound now which feels like an old record player accompanied by piano keys.   Up and down the scales, this feels like a squeaky wheel and then the distortion kicks in.  

On the flip side we open with this feeling of being in an independent film, as the sound cuts through and it just feels like we're watching old footage on a projector.   Through these whirrs we're moving around a lot, but there also reminds that sound like film.   It's getting wavy now, back and forth, and then it just comes through electric.   Guitar notes cut through next in high pitched tones.   It feels like they're singing but it also feels like windup toys breaking.   There is this poking sound but then it also just whooshes through the air.

Deeper tones come through now as the bass in this sound just makes this song feel menacing.   This gets electric and then carries that electricity as we move into a sound which is part horror movie and part insects coming to take over.  Sharper notes pierce through as it feels like we could be getting stabbed in that horror movie.  Everything is raining down now, like a storm.   That distorted electricity is here as well and it all makes for quite the show, as it feels like we're in the center of it all.  


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