Music Review //
Rebel Kicks

There are two key components which make the sound of Rebel Kicks so infectious.  On one hand, I can hear this dance type of pop rock sound which makes me think of bands like Panic At The Disco and Fall Out Boy.   It's just got that energy to it, where I imagine fans singing along and moving around like they would during one of those bands shows.  

At the same time, there is this driving sort of electronic rock way about this song which makes me think of both Stabbing Westward and Gravity Kills.  In fact, Gravity Kills had this single called "Guilty" and if you took that song and kind of made it closer to pop (by adding a certain amount of Fall Out Boy to it, for example) then it could just overall come out sounding like "Electrophoria", which is definitely a good thing.

This song isn't even really that poppy it just has a way about it which can get stuck in your head.   The chorus has the line "Once they've got you / Then they have you", which feels kind of matter of fact but when you think about it and put it in relation to this song you can just feel how it's about the music getting you and just pulling you in.  

I imagine this song playing at a rave, like a scene from the movie "Blade".  This one character comes in and you can clearly tell they don't fit in but as they listen to this song, they get into it and are slowly pulled into the crowd of neon dancing people.  They become a part of it.   And even if it's not done in such a dramatic way, I like to think that listening to this song is going to pull you into Rebel Kicks in some way on that same level.