Music Review //
Chin Injeti

"Expensive" starts with big synths and singing, the way it has soul but also feels like some sort of -wave makes me think it could be on the radio like The Weeknd.   There isn't really a lot to compare this with because I've not quite heard synth tones like this before in a pop/R&B number, and then the vocals are also unique as well.

This song is about why things are so expensive, with lines like: "You look so good on paper".  Has anyone ever really tackled the idea in a song of how much it costs to be in a relationship versus how much it costs to be single?  Granted, just living costs a lot, but when you're paying for one meal and one movie ticket and not two it also seems to go a bit longer.

There are other messages in this song about love and how it is expensive and not in the financial way.   Lines like: "Make me feel the impossible" show this and just sort of make it feel like love is expensive but you can't really put a price on feelings.  So I guess the dollar signs next to the bill are worth it when you think about how you can't buy love.

I do enjoy that contrast in this song though- how you can't buy love, but yet it is also more valuable than that which you can buy.  It's expensive, but it's not for sale.   I'm at this point in my life now where I'd rather pay for experiences- for memories- than feel like I'm collecting things like a hoarder.   Often times, what I want can't be bought and this song is a great example of that.