Music Review //
Ava Della Pietra
"it started with u"


One of the things which has always impressed me about Ava Della Pietra is the confidence and knowledge within these songs.   They never seem to be just break up songs where it's a feeling of not liking someone any more and that's it, but they also tend to have this message of taking some meaning out of your experiences.

On "it started with u" Ava Della Pietra sings: "I'm through with you and hope you've made me stronger".   A lot of people don't look for what could be a positive to come out of what was likely a negative situation.  It took me a long time to learn that everything is an experience.  So, to have that concept already down just feels like something which should be taken note of by anyone who can hear this song.

The sound of Ava Della Pietra has also grown now to transcend contemporaries such as Olivia Rodrigo, to where this is just something you can hear now and because of her voice relate it with Ava Della Pietra.   The best musicians are often the ones who can take a style and put their own spin on it and this song has found a way to do just that.

So even if you're not into the whole message of a break up, this will grip you musically and not let go.   But if you happen to be in the position to relate, "it started with u" is an open and honest account of how to handle a relationship that just isn't working.  As the song says in the end, "now it ends with you".