Music Review //
Twilight Muse
"Electrify Me"

With a song titled "Electrify Me", you want to make sure that the music itself has this way of pumping adrenaline into the listener and Twilight Muse delivers on that.   This is not a ballad, as it comes out swinging and has energy throughout the entire song.   For a playlist when you are doing anything that involves motivation and movement, "Electrify Me" is a perfect song to get you going and to keep you going. 

Though this song seems to be about the relationship between two people and that spark that you feel, I quite like the idea behind the song "Electrify Me" because in life we should do things which we aren't indifferent to but rather make us feel a certain way and it should be a strong way.   This song isn't just about liking someone, but it's about that conviction where you go above and beyond liking something.

Twilight Muse are a duo and that comes into play a lot during this song.  While they take turns singing, it also feels like a lot of this song is split into two.  On one hand, it feels very much electric where you can hear those guitars and it just cuts right through.  But at the same time I feel as if these melodies are being rounded out by an acoustic sound as well.   We don't always think about how two people can bring different sounds to the same song and then make them work, but this does just that.

Whether it is in relation to another person, your job or just any scenario you might feel like needs it, "Electrify Me" could become a great mantra to live a fuller life.   If it doesn't spark that passion, then you have to ask yourself why you're doing it.   This song can serve as not only a great reminder of that, but also a great motivator to settle for nothing less than that which drives you completely.  


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