Cassette Review //
(Poser Electronics)

This cassette begins with harsh noise droning but then gets quiet like crickets.  There is definitely this feeling of electronic insects in here and then it goes back into the harsh static sounds.  Transforming synths bring about windy electronics and this is complex in its nature but feels more simple in its delivery where you can hear one solid sound and identify it (even if it is as "electronic insects") but then it just feels like a lot is going into making this sound this way.

Big distorted beats begin the flip side.  Deep organ tones slowly lull behind the static and that does allow it to feel somewhat haunted.   Thinking about this artist with October in their name makes you think of relating it with both Autumn and Halloween.  As haunted as it sounds it can also feel desolate.  I don't really want to use this comparison, but this sound makes me think of "The Blair Witch Project" just because I imagine being alone in the woods, in the dark and knowing something is out there coming for you.

Right before this ends there is this one electric line that comes through really hard and I just imagine someone in those dark woods where you can't see anything around you and then *whoosh* you're gone.   Whatever it is that you're running from during this cassette, by the end it will catch up to you.   So you better use your time wisely because before you know it, your time is up.  


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