Music Review //
Emm Gryner
"Loose Wig"

When I listen to "Loose Wig" I get a very specific vibe that I don't always get from songs right away like this.  Emm Gryner has this sound that is sort of like disco, and to that extent it's even like rollerdisco where it's something my parents would've listened to when they went out rollerskating after work.

At the same time, this song has a rather nautical theme to it and I'm not sure why but it reminds me of "The Love Boat".   So, when you combine these two ideas, all I can think of in terms of this sound is it being perfect for a cruise which features rollerskating, which probably doesn't exist because of physics but if it did this would be on the soundtrack to it for sure.

Somewhere between "Austin Powers" and "Roll Bounce", this song is also just a lot of fun.  It's smooth and it just takes you on a ride that you never want to get off.   Halfway into the song or so there is this sweet guitar solo, which is only to be outdone by a much more complex guitar solo later on in the song.  The amount of guitar work in here is just stellar.

This song is also ripe with nostalgia because of the line: "Gonna feed my VCR".   It just gets me every time I hear it because I still live in a world with a VCR and I think it's weird when someone doesn't have one.   So just imagine an old VHS you found at a thrift store and the footage on it is people rollerskating while on a cruise and this would definitely be the song playing.