CD Review //
"Molecular Ruling"

This first tone comes cutting through like a lightsaber and then smaller beeping tones follow like robotics.   There is a hollow glass feeling now, but these electronics persist as if they are chasing each other.  It feels as if a lone electronic ping pong ball is dancing around now.  Slowly, this just has a lot of electronics in it which make me think about Star Wars.  

Quieter now, it sounds as if birds are chirping.   A hollow, echoing sound comes in behind this as well, then begins to cut through like soft waves.  Electronics like droids come through now, but it also becomes eerie and vacant behind all of this sound.   The next song goes into a louder type of engine and it holds steady. 

Beeps drop in here and there now and there is a steady revving behind it all.   The series of beeps can begin to sound like a distress signal, but then they can come through like wind chimes might.   This takes us into a whirring now, some sort of wind tunnel we're stuck in, as those electronics strike through.   Electronics come through now like we're going to go into a dance number and it just feels so spatial still.  

Shots are fired into space now, sort of like the sound I imagine fireworks would make if they were set off in a vacuum.   There is quite a bit of frequency zapping in here and then it just all comes on like this big engine feel and I remember that old commercial where the guy sits in the chair and gets blasted by the sounds of the speakers.  Higher pitched tones come through like air raid sirens.

This all comes through ringing with this feeling like an electronic ball is bouncing around in glass.   Big synth comes through and wipes it all out before it resets and feels like the dance has begun again.   It's a frantic game of electronic tennis, a pinball machine perhaps, but it increases in speed and intensity only to disappear in the blink of an eye under the sound of being launched through hyperspace.