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Tara Van

        As soon as this song starts you'll hear these sounds which make it feel like the music to accompany the vocals is all done by singing as well.   There are a few parts where it goes "Hey!" and it just makes me think a lot of this is as light as clouds and as mellow too.  Right up until the end, when this one really takes off faster, it's just a chill way to describe what's wrong with your life.  

Easy enough to get from the title this song is about the problems in your life and there is the lyric: "It's time to deal with my shit".  Whether you're starting or ending- in the sense that you start exercising or quit drugs- the struggle often remains in that will to do so.  Once you get into the habit of doing something, it becomes easier and so it sometimes just takes that push to start it or a push to end it because habits are hard to break.

Tara Van really seems to have created a song here that isn't about the specific things which are wrong with you- it isn't about the bad habits and vices, per se- but rather about the acknowledgement of them and then admitting that you need to work past them, as the line in this song says: "What If I told you I was".

I wish one day we could all just wake up and start making changes to make our lives better but often times it takes some sort of spark, some catalyst to make that change.  Whether you're looking for a reason to stop doing something bad or start doing something good, I feel like this song by Tara Van could be that reason why you stop or start, but ultimately why you decide to make that change.  


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