Cassette Review //
Two Modern Blokes
"Medical Snoring"

This cassette is from back in late 2012 and Two Modern Blokes have since become Human Flourishing.    With vocals and electronics, this one starts off like it's being dragged through space, just stretched out and minimal.    As the music shifts more upbeat, into pop almost, it also then becomes more experimental and instrumental.   The words return but they are spoken now, as in space, a monologue while floating.

Beats come in now but they sound like footsteps.   We're taking that long walk, then shift into mechanical type percussion.   The intensity increases then just sort of fades out as the singing returns.   Tones come through sharper, but then switch over into these chill beats with singing, like an R&B song on some level.   The alien sound returns now as we get that feeling like we are once again back in space.

On the flip side, words and beats come out like hip hop.   This turns to talking, about clocks, and this comes with a lot of laughing surrounding it.   Children are mentioned and this does feel like a teacher in front of a classroom with these chill tones behind it.   They count to ten, as the song says, and shout out to Kevin.   As we get into the next song, the singing on this really sounds like Disembaudio and I just can't get that out of my head.

Dreamy guitars come through now with sounds that could be words but I'm not really sure.  As there was a song about birds before this, we now hear the songs of birds as they are singing during this spoken word which feels like an old audio recording.   Guitar chords are blaring through like The Clash now.   There is sharpness within this electronic game of pinball now, with vocals occasionally whooshing through.  This has a very experimental way about the end, as it just sort of drifts off and leaves us in space.  


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