Music Review //
Your ex and I
"If You'd Only"

While the music of Your ex and I can generally be thought of as radio friendly rock, there is this Devo and Talking Heads quality to it that I really enjoy.  It would fit in really well on either a rock or pop radio station, the way that AJR and Neon Trees can do both, but at the same time there is that something extra in the music which makes it stand out.

One thing I've learned in life is that there are different love languages.  In this song, Your ex and I sings about someone else saying what they want to hear.   It's funny because I was in this exact situation once- someone wanted me to tell them how I felt about them.  But I felt like the fact that I'd spend time with them should've been enough proof in a way and it just spiraled out into this whole thing.

The point is, perhaps, that we all communicate things differently (it's the whole actions speaking louder than words deal) but sometimes people do need things said flat out and that's what Your ex and I seems to be getting at here, which makes a lot of sense because this is a song and what is music if not emotions expressed verbally.

I feel like if you've ever been in this situation where you've just wanted to hear those words from someone else then you will be able to relate to this song.  But if you're like me and you're on the other end of this song then perhaps it can serve as this reminder that people do like to hear words at times so opening up and saying them might be in your best interest.  


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