Cassette Review //
Human Flourishing
"They felled the redwoods b​/​w Ariel tour"

I picked this cassette up at Willimantic Records and it was a good choice.  Electronics come out with distortion and the guitar chords just rain down as this starts.  It's all about those whirrs where it feels like we're changing frequencies, but at the same time there is just this constant droning behind it that feels like darkness, which is always just over the horizon.  There is almost a panic in here, as lasers come out sounding like birds.

In many ways, this can feel like going all in on a video game- mashing all the buttons and just playing it as best you can to try and clear the hardest level you've ever reached.   But there is also something alien about this.  Maybe it wouldn't be the music aliens make for themselves, but it could be the type of music they make that they think humans would enjoy.  It definitely feels like we will be visited by someone from beyond. 

As we drop off into more of a static void, where it just feels like this entire room filled with distortion, you can hear these guitar notes coming through in that Hendrix way and that just makes everything feel trippy.   Side A reaches its end by grinding to a screeching halt.

On the flip side we open with this beat like knocking and the sound of something from the kitchen behind it- a fork tapping on glass perhaps.   Ambient sounds fill the room and it sounds so pretty now, celestial.   While it can feel relaxing, it also keeps that rhythm.  Some tones come through now like squeaky hinges.   That really adds this higher pitched layer to the song and it feels almost like dinosaurs.

At times, this can almost feel like a lullaby, like it's lulling us to sleep.  Lasers blast through the background like shooting stars and it just has this magical sky way about it.   A rattling now, and it still feels so ambient.  Back and forth tones feel like a game of ping pong being played in the clouds.  Sort of vocals are back there as well.   It still feels like we're in space, at that lost satellite, just floating... drifting away.  


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