Music Review //
da nang
"don't hate me"

There exists a very specific type of rock music that I think of when I hear artists like da nang.   To most, it can be related with a band such as Alkaline Trio, though there is still this sound like Bayside or The Honor System which I can think of more than anything else.  It's that sort of gritty punk rock but with the emphasis on it being a bit darker even.

This doesn't always happen to be the type of rock which ends up on the radio, though I wish it did have this big surge because I'd like to hear more bands that sound like this.  It's this certain way that popular music can sound in a less common way, even bringing up bands that appeared on the "Angus" soundtrack once upon a time.

Ultimately, the song "don't hate me" seems to embrace that which the title states and is something we all have certainly felt at one point or another in our lives.  Whether it was a family member, someone we were in a romantic relationship with or even just a co-worker, on some level most people have this inner desire to be liked and this can help that along as well.

Regardless of whether or not you can relate to the lyrics of this song- maybe right now you're too cool to care what others think- there is still that style to this music that I enjoy and feel like more people should be playing.  You might need these words one day, but this sound should always be around so play this one loud.  


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