Cassette Review //
"Cousin of Lucy"
(Hand'Solo Records)


Chadio is back with something that is not quite the same as the Radiohead album.  I really enjoy that Chadio has this sound of hip hop overall but also likes to reference grunge and music of that era, such as with that Radiohead cassette.   This is hip hop- not rap- because it has that sound like A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul.

Through audio clips, this cassette has a lot of references to women in it and it really just feels like a personal break up album.  I really like the line "Loving one person is dumb and boring", though it is walked back during the song, but I've always thought about being with just one person as being like listening to only one band or even only one genre of music and I just couldn't do that (the music part) though I do the relationship singularity part.

As we get into "Sweater Song" (feat Nolto) there are pianos and parts of the Weezer song of the same name are sampled.  I don't really know what the Weezer song is about, but this one is about how sometimes people can borrow our clothes and not give them back.  That used to really bother me, but now I know those physical items are just gone with the relationship.

"Wrong Way" (feat DJ Wundrkut) has these fast beats like we're in a dance club and it does pay homage to Sublime as well.  There are record scratches in here as well.  I wanted to say that I think this song is probably one of the only songs that Bradley Nowell would've liked that pays tribute to him, but then I remembered that Lana Del Rey cover of "Doin' Time" and I think that was all right too.  

The cassette version of "Cousin of Lucy" has four exclusive remixes of songs as well as the flip side being instrumental.  I've always loved that Hand'Solo Records has done this because it's always felt like the music was more than just beats and so if you're not in the mood to think about relationships and such, you can just listen to the music and chill.  


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