Music Review //
"while anchorless we drift"


Before even listening to this song I like the idea of the title: "while anchorless we drift".  Often times I hear music that just feels like we're drifting around, but other times life can just feel like that.   It's like when you're writing a book: you don't just leave pages blank and say that you just slept all day, but sometimes life is like that.  

Acoustic or just a light playing of the bass, Marivon begins the song with lyrics which gives it that overall feeling of folk.   There are elements of pop as well, which make me think of Gotye.  But perhaps the biggest sound you will hear are the vocals and so it is tough to compare this with other artists because everyone has their own voice.

For me, there is this certain aspect of life where you just can't control things.  Within these lyrics, Marivon sings: "I know none of it's up to me".  I find this to be important because it's not that you should blindly cross the street and expect not to get hit by a bus (or have the "if it was meant to be" attitude) but there are things in life which you just cannot control.

People attach a lot to the word "drift" especially when you think about modern society and how much older people think younger people are lazy.   But I feel like this song needs to find us in a happy medium.  We cannot control everything so sometimes we need to just sit back and drift.  It's not about no control or complete control, it's about balance.  


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