Music Review //
Smaller Hearts
"Sleeper Agent"


Smaller Hearts has this synth-based rock sound that doesn't come along too often.  It's those melodies that make me think of artists such as mae, Hellogoodbye and Schatzi.  I'm not sure any band out there right now really sounds like this and that's refreshing because of how upbeat this all is.

When listening to this song I'm not really sure what it's about and that's fine.  The chorus has the lines of: "Once you're awake / Then it's all a mistake" and that leads me to believe that this is about the differences between being asleep (dreaming) and being awake (reality).  Which is kind of funny because whatever happens in the dream- no matter how bad it is- you wake up and basically hit the reset button.

So, for me, I think about it how what you do in life is more permanent and what you do in your dreams really doesn't matter so sleeping seems better than being awake.   And to feel those contrasting points, this music video goes back and forth between being in the sunshine at the beach and shoveling snow, which also feel like two opposites.

Regardless of what this song means- perhaps you are able to read something different into the lyrics- it remains a pop rock song that gives me energy.  It's not really sad, though it does feel realistic, and I think that even though it is largely about sleeping this song could be used as your alarm every day to help you wake up.  


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