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Three From Subexotic Records!
Letters From Mouse / Camp Of Wolves / Giants of Discovery

 On February 24th, 2023 Subexotic Records released three albums.   This was called "SPACE TRILOGY" and is available as a bundle as well as each album by itself.   Here are some words about each of the albums, which do feel largely like they belong together.  

Letters From Mouse featuring Dr Nigel Meredith "St Swithin's Day Storm"

The overall sound of Letters From Mouse is electronic.   There are audio clips within these songs which talk about space and such subjects, which feel kind of like the sort of thing you would get from a text book.  The way that the two subjects collide- the words and music- are very fitting as a lot of this music itself sounds as if it could be from space.   

With some howling there are some X-Files sounds on the first track.  It becomes sonar, like the Antarctic, which is mentioned in the audio clip.   Big spatial synth takes over the second song, which also becomes a trippy yet fun ride.  Whirrs grow into a big hiss and then it feels as if electronic ping pong balls are bouncing around in ambient space on the third song.

Tones trade off back and forth as it feels like we're growing darker, more hollow as we're onto the fourth and final song.   Minimal, it feels as if we are simply drifting off into space now, forever floating.   Whether it feels like a transmission for a spaceship or the mechanics of the ship itself, this will definitely leave you wanting to look through a telescope.  

Camp of Wolves "Planetar"

"Planetar" begins very minimal and with an ambient drone.   It begins to really open up and expand as the first song goes on.   This takes us into the next song, which comes through with more synth type of tones that can almost sound like an alien beeping.   As the music feels like it's beginning to move around, it can also feel somewhat eerie.   At the same time, through those big synth builds, it can feel as if the music is looping, such as in a carousel ride.

During the third song we can hear this synth come through like Pole Position, where it just feels like we're walking onto a new planet now, taking those first steps into space.   The synths come in a bit louder now on "Of Vapour", but it still feels like we could be floating in space as it has this relaxing way about the sound.  Though it can grow quieter and feel more like ambient drone, throughout the songs it does seem to remain in space.

A deeper synth drops us off into the final song, which is called "Distress Signal", and that title just validates how I feel about this type of music in the way that it feels like a call for help.  The title gives away that we are in space and need help getting back home and the music just further backs that up.   It does grow towards the end, but still leaves me feeling like we're lost and in need of help.  

Giants of Discovery "And It's Goodnight From The Human Race"

This one starts off slow with ambient tones coming through.  It feels like it's kicking in with that flute sound, but it remains calm.    If we were at the end of the world, this might be what the music sounds like.   There is a strong way about it of walking around trying to find what life is left.   Tones come through back and forth now like we're in space on "A Canopy Of Stars".  Then the beats come in and make it feel almost like dancing, but it takes a "Knight Rider" turn.

That wind certainly sounds as if it is blowing on "Where The Stellar Winds Blow", as the electronics also fill up the sound once again.   It's ringing now, but also is just drifting through space and time.  There remains that feeling of us being left at the end of the world.   But then a voice comes through, as if to guide us.  I'm not sure if it's a sign of hope or bringing us to our ultimate end.  

"All Those Memories" has this nice beat to it, though Windows Media Player thinks it's Velvet Revolver "Fall To Pieces" for some reason.   The synths come in and it just feels like my jam.  Then the tones come in on "First Night Under A New Moon" in a very specific sci-fi way.   This album might not feel exclusively like the end of the world, but it might be the end of humanity- or at least as close as we will get to it for now.  


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