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Noah Derksen
"You Got a Hold on Me"

Every so often a song comes along which I can hear pieces of other songs in it but the sound just escapes me.   The instruments used in this song by Noah Derksen seem to make it want to be a rock song, or at least in the genre of rock, but that is rather vague.  It's on the lighter side of rock though, perhaps where you might get to "easy listening", but even that doesn't feel right.

The idea of being rock but on the softer side also could bring up a lot of ideas which are incorrect.   It's not that it's soft, as much as that it's just sort of mellow.  In some ways I think of an artist such as Neil Young or The Wallflowers, but that isn't quite right.  Perhaps the closest comparison to make is The Eagles' song "Take It Easy", but as close as that comes it is still not completely accurate.

At the same time, as much as I am unsure as how to describe this music, it is important to note that the general idea of the lyrics (even as the title implies) is that of a love song.   So I certainly do feel as if you were going to write a song as a love letter to someone else, this might be the exact type of pace and tone you would want to use.

During the song, there are moments of music without words and so it does feel to some extent like this is a song that has more of this chill music in it than lyrics.  I'm not sure if folk is the right way to describe it either, but it's not really in your face and it's just rather pleasant so I certainly think it's something that everyone can mellow out and enjoy.  


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