Cassette Review //
Zach Rowden


When this cassette begins it sounds as if a machine- a motor of some type- is going back and forth.   The way it does this also feels as if it is creating some sort of vocal sounds, though I don't think they are actually saying words so it might not be the case.   It seems to switch gears down, to something a little bit heavier now and those vocal sounds have become monster groans.  This maintains an impressive pace as well, which is why I think it feels so mechanical.

As we get deeper in, it feels as if there are almost definitely vocals coming through in some way.   They might be buried back there and you can't quite tell what is being said, but I feel like I hear them and if it's not true and just a way the music itself sounds that makes it even more remarkable.    This takes us into that sound of tools falling over in the garage and then some sort of demon coming through as well.  

Some scraping sounds now, as this all still feels mechanical but now it feels more like we're digging somewhere- almost as if we're on some sort of construction site.   A little bit of sharpness comes in the background as this one just feels like it's droning, but in a way that you might encounter a kaiju in the sewer.   Whirrs come through now like it's windy and then you can almost hear what sounds like car horns outside.   A definite scraping now, or dragging of a metal tool of some kind.  

On the flip side we start with what sounds like a windstorm coming crashing through.   This grows louder and thus much more in your face.  It really feels like we're in the middle of it, then some sharpness comes through and it feels like we're hearing vocals again.   Bursts of harshness make an appearance.  With all of this sharpness it just feels like we're slipping through a wind tunnel but in some way that makes it feel like a frequency is being used to try and get us out of it.  It's like how people disappear in space.

Shots are fired through this as well, which makes it feel more like a robot in space, bringing back the final audio of some great astronaut who fought in some great space war.   Slight video game sounds come through as well, giving it a bit of a different perspective.   The robotic beeps do make it feel like a slowed down video game now and if this was some elaborate soundtrack to the game Asteroids I would find it to be rather fitting.  


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