Cassette Review //
"Flesh in Hell"
(Tetryon Tapes)

I've never quite heard music as distorted as Cacogens before.   Granted, there are artists out there who will put a lot of distortion into their music (and that always makes me think first and foremost about Nine Inch Nails) but the way this has also distorted the vocals is something to be heard.   

With nice guitar riffs and notes, "In the Blood" comes on with this dance drumbeat behind it as well.   The idea of this being both so punk rock, so distorted and now like something at a dance club just makes it feel so wild.  "Cancer Breed" gets screamy, while there are psych whirrs to start "Facetoucher" but the song becomes more distortion than music.

In a heavily distorted way, this can make me think about TSOL or The Hives, but then on "Miracle Fix" there's an Iron Butterfly type riff.   The music in generally fast paced and the last song has a blistering guitar riff in it, before the whole cassette fades out with this big musical number.  

What I love perhaps most about this cassette is that I'm not sure how the distortion was created.  If you told me that Cacogens had access to an old Burger King drive thru system, I'd be inclined to believe you.  But it also feels like it could just be some effect used in the studio that I'm unaware of, but the way it just feels so raw with the distortion gives it a new level of punk rock.  


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