Cassette Review //
Fir Cone Children
"Today There's No Tomorrow"
(Blackjack Illuminist Records) 

Fir Cone Children seems to add something new to their sound every time I hear them.  On "Today There's No Tomorrow", it opens up with this sound like The Benjamins, The Beatles and just a little bit trippy.   The second track, "Way Up North", has these start and stop rock sounds and then it just becomes very fast paced and noisy.  

"Head In The Clouds" comes in heavy but then gets more upbeat by the chorus.  On the whole, this cassette has elements of twee within it.  With some woo-ooh's, "Quite Okay With Mondays" reminds me a little bit of Ok Go and using those types of sounds in place of lyrics seems to be a theme on this cassette as well.

"An Inch At A Time" has a darker, distorted rock sound which gets really big and heavy at the end.   Side B starts off with a song that sounds almost like Weezer.  The la la's come in and there are big distorted bass riffs on "But Does It Break?" While the music on here seems to be melodic, it isn't afraid to rock and I really enjoy that.

Lyrically these songs all have their own little stories in them.  The first song- for example- "Pull It Out!" has a chorus about "no crooked teeth / no crooked smiles".  This is funny because when I had braces they had to pull two teeth of mine.  Recently, I started thinking about all those years ago and whether they just numbed my mouth or gave me the night-night gas.  I truly don't remember, but I know the teeth are gone.

Between telling your own stories / digging up your own memories through these lyrics, the mood on this cassette generally stays upbeat.  It's melodic, but it just feels like a lot of fun- like music you'd listen to when you're in a good mood or want to be.   It also just seems like the music of Fir Cone Children keeps getting better and better.  


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