Music Review //
Crowes Pasture
"Agree On"

The music of Crowes Pasture largely has a country/folk feel to it, somewhere between Neil Young and A Mighty Wind.  I do like that this could be considered Americana as well, as it has a strong message about the current state of the United States.  The song goes slowly, very mellow, but it feels like it is to stress that message and really give you the time to listen to it, let it sink in. 

At first, the song points out a woman living paycheck to paycheck and doing the jobs that you won't though you don't want her here.  Look, I've seen this all to much and it's called Texas.  In Texas, who do you think does the landscaping in over one hundred degree heat?  And yet so many people in Texas want the wall built.

This song goes on to talk about things such as January 6th and while I don't really like to get political my take on this song is that it feels a lot of like how I feel about politics.  You can call yourself a Republican or a Democrat and it doesn't matter to me- it's different sides of the same coin.  What really matters is that it should be us- the people- against them- the government.  This whole two party system is just used to divide us.

So that idea of having something to agree on- as the title states- is quite clever because if we could ever get both the left and right to realize their sides are both flawed and the real enemy is just the government on the whole, that would bring the power back to the people where it belongs.   It might happen one day, it might not, but as the song says "We gotta find something we can all agree on".


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