Music Review //
L.T. Leif
"Gentle Moon"


The sound of L.T. Leif is like a duet between country or folk singers.  Somewhere between Johnny Cash with June Carter Cash or She & Him, this has the definite makings of a duet but as much as it could feel like a country song it also these elements where it just feels dreamy.  Set in outer space, this also can seem trippy at times.

I like to imagine this as being the type of song someone would sing when they're out at night looking up at the stars in the sky.  The music video shows a lot of space and I think that while a lot of people (and musicians in song) seem to long to be somewhere else, L.T. Leif just takes it one step further.   

If you really think about it, many of the musicians on the east coast in the United States have always seemed to fantasize about the west coast, particularly California.  But in this song, that place that L.T. Leif seems to want to go is to the moon and the way that it thinks outside of not only the country but the planet is fun.

People talk a lot about space right now and for different reasons, but ultimately this is just the type of song you could put on at night when you're stargazing.  I think the idea of wanting to go to the moon- within this song- is more about just wanting something more, something bigger, and it's something that hopefully we continue to chase for our entire lives.  


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