Music Review //
Marcus Lowry
"One Million Lights"

"One Million Lights" is a song which starts with an acoustic guitar and vocals, turns into an orchestra of strings and then eventually ends on wind chimes.  It does not feel like a traditional song in the sense that it doesn't have the verse/chorus/verse aspect of it, but it does seem to have a start and finish- it tells a story in that way.

This music video starts with someone walking around, playing an acoustic guitar and singing.   We end up in a room where people are there playing the strings, which takes us to the second stage of the song- seeing the cello, violin, etc.  There are even keys being played off to the side.  

As the second part of the song fades, we are going backwards and leave this room to go into another.   In this third and final setting, people can be seen playing those wind chimes that are a form of percussion and likely have a more technical name.  This is how the song sort of floats away, but also the video comes to its end.

I really enjoy how the video and song itself feel so connected.  This also just feels like- visually- what it is like to hear new music for the first time.  It really takes that experience of hearing the music in your head and turning it into a visual.   This song is really great on its own, but feels even better with the music video and should be experienced both ways.


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