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From the moment that it starts right up until it ends "KEROSENE" is a fast paced song that will have you moving.   There are elements of pop in this as well as elements of punk, but I wouldn't really call it pop punk or think of it in the same way as, say, Fall Out Boy.  Hints of someone such as Neon Trees come through but this really does manage to take on its own sound as it goes on.

There are these times- especially after the chorus- where I just expect for the music to drop and get really heavy.  It doesn't, but it feels like it's going to go into that screamo scene.  So what do you call screamo without the screaming?  It does feel a bit like melodic rock but also even though there aren't big bass beats it also can seem like this is a dance number.

It's funny how many things can burn without actually catching fire, bridges for example.  On "KEROSENE", HADEE sings about how we "burn out like the summer" and though we are slowly approaching Spring, this makes sense.  Even if you don't live in a place with seasons, there still is that sense of change when summer comes to its end.

"KEROSENE" feels like the perfect summer anthem.  The vibe of the song is one of the party starting in the summer, but by the time the summer comes to an end it's everyone packing up and leaving because the party is over.  This is something you can certainly go through in an emotional way, but it would be great to see it as well in a physical way this summer.  


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