Cassette Review //
Distorted Earth
(Collapsed Structures)

This cassette begins with the sounds of a haunted drone.  I'm not sure how it's done, but it just feels like millions of undead souls are trapped within this guitar as it drones out the notes but also you can hear them, the sort of voices, haunting you, trying to come back to life.   More melodic chords come through but then it just gets minimal to where it sounds like the breathing of a ghost. 

The guitar comes through with this whirring drone now where it feels like we're going to take off.  Louder bass emerges with it.   This drone is coming through a little bit wavy, but the whole time it still feels like something is going on behind it which makes it a bit eerie.   This whole vibe is certainly one of a horror film.   Distorted guitar notes cut through now in a rather metal way.  

The sound continues to dive, deeper and deeper, more like we're falling into a hole from which we cannot climb out.  That feels like the real scary monster in this sound- that isolation and certain doom, rather than a shadowy figure we can put a face on.   Sounds come through which almost sound like cries for help, but then we're right back into that dark void.   The whirrs cut back and forth before taking a final stand, which unleashes this magical distorted guitar riff.

Now it just feels as if we are crashing down, note by note, dropping off the face of the earth.   Notes drop in to make it feel like we're in space, just floating.   Given the way the sound has been up until now, there is also that X-Files way about this with the notes.    This is on a cassette that was once the audiobooks version of The Bible, so as the music fades the very loud words being spoken come out to bring everything full circle. 


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