Cassette Review //
Dino Crisis
"Fragment Garden"

The sound of percussion makes this feel like everything around us is crashing.   You can hear the percussion, but it still has that sound like if a busy kitchen had someone running through it, just knocking things over and banging them all around.  Within this comes notes in the form of electronic blips and even horns, but in such a scattered way that this is somewhere between skramz and jazz.  

It scrambles through now, like jazz, as the percussion intensifies there are notes coming through that can begin to sound like words being spoken.   Tones go up and then drop back down like some sort of glitched out video game.  It definitely sounds like muted words coming through, then the beat drops and it feels like everything is falling apart all over again.   

The percussion returns with a tone that sounds like a bee buzzing by.   Screeching, this has all of the makings of a car crash but in the best possible music way.   You can really feel it all come to its end as it can just feel like such organized chaos.


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