Cassette Review //
"Monthly Subscription Series Collection 01"

This cassette is part of the Monthly Subscription Series from 2021, so if you are unable to travel back into time and obtain this via a subscription then you can buy it now like some sort of future pleasantry.   While this cassette is full of so many different musicians and sounds, it just feels overall like it could best be described as minimal gaze.

The percussion comes in on the second track and it just feels like we're floating in space.  I've said this about music before, but I've never quite heard music played like this that has made me feel like we were floating on clouds.  There is certainly more minimal and instrumental music which can feel as if it's up in the clouds, but this is more complex and yet somehow not at the same time.

Though the linear notes don't mention a sax, I feel like I hear one.  It's trippy and it's just swirling around, yet so blissed out.   The rhythm really begins to drive on "Anew" and "Silver" is the last song on Side A.  The song has a sweet sound and I don't mean that in the way people usually say it as a compliment but rather it's sweet like sugar.  

On the flip side there is this rock that kind of goes up and down, which I can only describe as zipping.  It also has this slight way of reminding me of U2, mostly that "Even Better Than The Real Thing" song.   At times, the flip side takes us to places that are dreamy and also it can just feel chopped up.  

When you think about film as being this series of images shown in sequence to give the impression that they are moving, I feel like the chopped parts of these songs come out in that way: as little bits in sequences.  Between that and feeling like this one is up in the clouds, these are really a set of songs to experience because they are so light and feel as if they have elements which are usually so grounded.  


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