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"Say It Ain't So"

Whenever I see a song with a title that I recognize I immediately wonder whether or not it is a cover of that song.  In this case, ANDREA SUPERSTEIN does in fact cover Weezer with this unique version of "Say It Ain't So".  One thing to note right away about this song is that the original is on the blue album, which is often thought of as the best Weezer album and "Say It Ain't So" was also a radio single.

For me, Weezer is one of those bands where you could take certain songs and put them in a different light and it doesn't sound wrong.  Imagine "Buddy Holly" in the way of a 1950's rock n roll band such as, well, Buddy Holly.  To that end, "Say It Ain't So" has always felt like a blues type of song and that quality does shine through here from ANDREA SUPERSTEIN.

While there is a minimal feeling to this one, it has that jazz sound as well.  It's somewhere between Norah Jones and Edie Brickell.   ANDREA SUPERSTEIN can really belt it out though when the music calls for it, and with this song having a few different break downs it's nice to see how they are handled here as opposed to Weezer making them feel heavier.

I'm not sure if hearing the entire blue album or other Weezer songs in this style would be fitting, but given the original and the style it was covered into I feel like this couldn't be more perfect.   You may not have had thoughts before about this song being so soulful, but this version will definitely help you to see it.  


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