Cassette Review //
"world of us"

The music of spit-take is something that I enjoy because it has this sound like nothing else out there because of the vocals.   I've always felt like if you're going to create a rock band, you should sing in the way that your voice allows and not try to sound like someone else.  A lot of singers sound like other singers, but with spit-take you get that voice which is unique to them and that makes the overall sound feel more their own.

Rock music that's energetic reminds me of bands such as The Thermals and The Hold Steady.  It's just that general idea of rock from the early 2000's but, again, with vocals that will leave no doubt in your mind whenever you hear a spit-take song.  Perhaps there is a little bit of Piebald in here, but the music is quite different from existing bands as well.  It's as if spit-take took the formula for an indie rock band, ran it through a blender a few times and came up with their own ideas.

On the side of pop punk (which this isn't really) the songs can be somewhat catchy.  I'm not saying you'll be singing along on the first listen, but maybe after three or four times through you'll get hooked on songs like "(i wanna move to) alaska".  I feel like the sound is really out there, not easy to grasp, but with the lyrics and melodies it makes the singing along part within reach and I do enjoy that as well.

The song "seven feet" kicks off Side B with a bang and seems to be about being more confident and having a better life if you were taller.  I'm not seven feet tall and I'm not saying it might not be true, but as someone who is generally considered to be tall I think that the only benefit to it is that along with all of your emotional problems you also get chronic neck, back and knee pain.  

As we get into the last three songs on this cassette, they also tend to be a bit longer.   "another dream" has this rather long part at the end which is only the music and I think that's only fitting.  While spit-take might take on the verse/chorus/verse style at times, they don't always, and at times they kind of create their own song structure.  But once you listen to this cassette, once you hear spit-take, you won't be able to hear them as anything else and if you're like me you'll begin comparing other artists with them.  


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