Music Review //
Conor Maynard
"By Your Side"


The pop rock feeling of Conor Maynard is one which could be heard on the radio today.  There are elements of what once was, artists such as Oingo Boingo come to mind, but it has those very specific type of programmed drums with guitars.   It's not quite pop punk, and it's not quite synthwave, but it is certainly somewhere in between.

Fitting to the mood of the song, "By Your Side" is fast paced and makes you feel like you want to get up and dance.    Above everything else, it just moves.  And in this way, the music feels connected to the lyrics because this is a song about staying together.  Some of these lyrics reference a break up, but it's with the idea that they'd rather not break up.

So lyrically this feels like two people sticking together through the worst of times.  The chorus line of "At least I'll be by your side" shows that through whatever they may face, at least they will face it together.  That's truly something I think as an idea supports the energy of this song.  You want to dance for loyalty.

In society today, it's far too easy to get up and leave.  People seem to want to find any reason to not stay.  And I'm not saying if the situation is really terrible to just stick it out- there are reasons to leave, but there are certainly reasons to stay as well.  This song highlights those reasons to stay and I wish more songs did that as well.  


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